RMS Queen Mary Main Lounge Ash Bin

I am so overwhelmed to have this item.  It is absolutely amazing!  I love it.

This is an ash bin from the Main Lounge on board and to me it is every good thing about Queen Mary. The veneer is incredible, just stunning.  I believe walnut burl, but I am going to try and do some more research. The design is wonderfully art deco, but subtle.

To me H.T.W. Bousfield said it best in his essay RMS “Queen Mary” The Ship of Beautiful Woods when he said “I found a rich and subtly varied magnificence that contrived to be simple and grand at the same time. . . . Grandeur and yet simplicity, splendour and yet exquisite taste—only one medium could perform the miracle. Wood. Strange, isn’t it, that with all the marvelous new substances of this glittering civilisation one should come back to wood for supreme effects? Here is proof that no modern medium had anything on nature.”

How true and wonderful that is.

Walnut Ash Tray 1

Walnut Ash Tray 2When I initially found this item online I couldn’t make out the markings very well and it was listed as a Smoking Room ash tray.  To my great surprise when I received the ash tray I realized that the scratched out words were actually “Main Lounge”.  As the Main Lounge was the same room I proposed to my wife in it was a very, very happy discovery. Who knows why it was scratched out.  Was it done by Cunard or Long Beach? Was it initially used in the Main Lounge and then later moved around?  These are the things I would love to find out.

Walnut Ash Tray 4

One of the best parts is it still has the metal lid/grate & the metal liner for the ashes inside. They are easily lost and I haven’t seen very many with the lid and metal liner.

Walnut Ash Tray 6

Dear Lord that veneer is fantastic!


This is the 2nd Class Smoking Room, so not the room that my ash tray comes from, but this picture does show two ash trays on board and in use.

The modern name for the room this ash bin comes from is the Britannia Salon.

If you are looking to sell any fittings, furniture, or memorabilia from the Queen Mary please contact me at craigslink2now@gmail.com.


RMS Queen Mary First Class Dining Room Glass

I recently had this glass framed and very happy the way it turned out!

This glass piece comes from a light fixture in the 1st class dining room. I especially love the art deco design and pink/peach tint of the glass. Image

 The level of detail onboard the ship is wonderful, it’s craftsmanship and artistry at it’s finest.

I’ve seen a few working lights from Queen Mary that still have the peach glass and when lit the lighting it creates is wonderful.  It add that extra something to the ambiance in the room.  I can only imagine how beautiful the dining room was when fully lit with the peach glass lights.Image

 This shows the type of light fixture on broad the ship today,  sadly many are broken and the original color is faded out. We will never truly be able to see the ship as she was originally lit.

1st class dinig room light

This room is called the Grand Salon today.

If you are looking to sell any fittings, furniture, or memorabilia from the Queen Mary please contact me at craigslink2now@gmail.com.