RMS Queen Mary Deck Plan – Main Deck


For this post I’ll let the photos do most of the talking, as it is amazing!

Deck Plan - Full Size

Here is a Deck Plan or Ship Directory for Main Deck used on board Queen Mary for passengers to find their way around the ship.

Deck Plan - Main Deck“Main Deck”

The sign is made of bronze and we had it put on a Bird’s Eye Maple board to give it that familiar Queen Mary feel. The majority of Main Deck is Bird’s Eye Maple so I thought it would be appropriate for the sign.

Deck Plan - You Are HereI love the “You Are Here” tag, which points to the spot on board where the map would have been located (side note it’s also pointing in the direction of one of my favorite staterooms on board, M51).

Below is a historical photo of three ship directories from pre-war. This ship directory is most likely post-war, but would have been featured in that same location.

Deck Plan - Historical

These Deck Plans/Ship Directories were thought to have been lost for over 40 years, but thanks to sharp eyes and a vast knowledge they were found and we can now appreciate them once again. Many thanks to Luxury Liner Row for such a fantastic find.

If you are looking to sell any fittings, furniture, or memorabilia from the Queen Mary please contact me at craigslink2now@gmail.com.


Queen Mary Second Class Smoking Room Chair

I am very happy about this chair.  One thing that gets me really excited is when I have things that match (such as the cabinet and the dresser), and this is one of my favorite matches:

Smoking Room Blog 3

Queen Mary Second Class Smoking Room Chair with a Smoking Room Table! It’s great, and this chair sits so well. Out of all the chairs I own this one is probably the most comfortable. Today the Second Class Smoking Room is the Wedding Chapel.

Tiger Oak blog

This beauty is made from Tiger Oak, and the grain is quite remarkable. Most oak you see today is new oak and hasn’t built up the grain like this old growth Tiger Oak has, I never knew what rich and stunning grain oak had until I started collecting Queen Mary.

Smoking Room Blog 2

One of the best parts of this chair is it comes with a tie down. This one cleaned up beautifully.

But the very best part of this chair is that I found this exact chair in a historical photo on board. I was reading from the book RMS Queen Mary: The World’s Favourite Liner and I just happened to notice the grain was similar. After very close inspection I was able to determine it was the same chair! I can’t even describe what a great feeling it was to find a picture of my chair on board Queen Mary. Below is a comparison of my chair and the photo on board.  The grain matches up perfectly!

Chair Comparison

If you are looking to sell any fittings, furniture, or memorabilia from the Queen Mary please contact me at craigslink2now@gmail.com.