RMS Queen Mary Purser’s Chair

I recently had an RMS Queen Mary Purser’s Chair come back from restoration and it turned out beautifully! I really enjoy this chair because it has great subtle style and it sits so well. The Purser’s Office was a central hub for life on board and the Pursers worked hard to ensure that passengers were happy, so it makes sense that their chairs would be solid and comfortable. Also featured in the photo is a small mahogany crew table. I have seen tables like this that were marked for the Purser’s Office, so I thought it appropriate to photograph them together.

Purser's Chair-Restored 2

Before and after restoration. The mahogany cleaned up so well.

Purser's Chair - Before & After

One of my favorite things about any Queen Mary find is the markings and this one has some great ones.

Purser's Chair-Restored 4

There are some exhibits on board today that feature this style chair that were for the crew. Each class on board has a purser’s office and I’m sure these types of chairs were used in other areas of the ship as well. The exhibit is found on Sun Deck near the bridge and Captain’s Quarters. The chair is in the foreground below.


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