RMS Queen Mary 2nd Class Cabin Chair and Nightstand (D115) – Original Fabric Pillows

This was very fortunate find! By coincidence within a month I found a dresser and a nightstand from one source and 2nd class cabin chairs with pillows made from the original fabric from another source. Imagine my great surprise and delight when I found that one of the chairs was from the same room as the nightstand! That made my day.

D115 - chair, nightstand, pillows

They look well together again, don’t they?

These cabin chair are probably the most comfortable chairs I’ve found from Queen Mary, they have a nice high back (good for tall people like me). Even better though the arms and legs are some of the most stylish and art deco, in my opinion.

2nd Class Cabin Chair 2

Just look at those curves! I especially love the details along the arm and the step down feature along the back feet. Another great example of British subtle art deco.

D115 Markings

The markings from the nightstand and chair. During shipment one of the fiddle rails broke off from the nightstand. When we turned it over we saw written in pencil D115 (top photo). We took a 2nd look at the back side of the nightstand and sure enough, very faintly was D115 (bottom left photo – this one was hard to photograph, it’s easier to read in person). Last is the markings on the chair (bottom right). This was such a great find for me. I was ecstatic!

Original Fabric Pillows - red&blue

We also discovered these great pillows made from the original fabric from the 2nd Class Cabin Chairs. The gentleman that sold these chairs told me his grandfather was an upholsterer. He bought the chairs at the auction and eventually re-upholstered them in the black naugahyde, but he had enough resourcefulness that he used the good sections of the left over original fabric to make these pillows. I am extremely grateful that he did save some of the fabric.

D115 Chair and Nightstand

All in all very happy and fortunate finds!

Special thanks to Cary and his family for the remarkable chairs and hospitality.

If you are looking to sell any fittings, furniture, or memorabilia from the Queen Mary please contact me at craigslink2now@gmail.com.