RMS Queen Mary Second Class Tall Dresser

This wonderful 2nd Class dresser from RMS Queen Mary is still in rough shape, but since it will be a little while before we can restore it I wanted to share it now. Fortunately mahogany is very forgiving and I know it will clean up well and be brought back to her in-service beauty.

QM 2nd Class Tall Dresser Front

This is a tall version of the normal second class (tourist and later cabin class) dresser. Most of the dressers I’ve seen only have three rows of drawers and then the pullout.

QM 2nd Class Dresser Side with Pullout

This unique piece has two extra rows of drawers above the Formica topped pullout (the white Formica on the very top is post-war and the brown Formica on the pullout is pre-war). I love finding new shapes and sizes of Queen Mary furniture. Queen Mary dressers are already incredibly useful. They have nice deep drawers and these extra drawers make this dresser the most useful piece of furniture we own.

QM 2nd Class Tall Dresser Side

Another thing I find absolutely fascinating about this dresser is the amount of sheer it has. You can easily tell this dresser was not made for level rooms. When you put a level on the dresser it’s slanted at almost 3 degrees. Another tell that her furniture had to have been made all by hand and custom-fitted to the cabin.

QM 2nd Class Tall Dresser Sheer

This dresser is marked D-157 and 157 is also stamped into the wood in the top left in the photo below.  When you look at deck maps, D-157 is very close to the stern of the ship on the starboard side, so the room must have had a lot of sheer.

QM 2nd Class Tall Dresser Marking D157

As it was so far aft on the ship you know that they must have felt the vibrations from her propellers going 30+ knots.

QM 2nd Class Tall Dresser Hook

This one also came with the hook that was used to hold the cabin door open. Probably to help with moving luggage in and out and with ventilation.

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