RMS Queen Mary Main Lounge Glass

The First Class Main Lounge is my favorite room on Queen Mary, and since it is my favorite room on board I’m always looking for items from this room and recently I found this glass piece from the Main Lounge. I am so glad to have this piece framed and on display in my home.


This piece came from one of the light fixtures in the Main Lounge, and one of the things I love most about the glass is that the color and etching was subtle, but it’s those small details that really made this room so special and gave the room a warm atmosphere. Sadly these light fixtures are no longer functioning, but there are some glass pieces still left on board. The below photo shows another similar piece on board the ship today.


There is just something wonderful about this room. I proposed to my wife in the Main Lounge and it was the heart of the ship while she was in service. I love to imagine this piece as a silent observer of the life on board Queen Mary. The glorious Maiden Voyage, winning the Blue Riband and the last stroll Captain Treasure Jones took through the room on the Final Voyage. Today it is still one of the most lovely rooms on board.


The Main Lounge is called the Queen’s Salon today.

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