RMS Queen Mary Log Abstract – Blue Riband

I don’t usually collect ephemera, but this is such an important part of Queen Mary’s history I couldn’t pass it up. Here is a log abstract from the first time Queen Mary took the Eastbound Blue Riband in August 1936. Queen Mary and the French Line Normandie spent many years battling the Transatlantic for holder of the Blue Riband (fastest time to cross the Atlantic), trading back and forth for a few years until Queen Mary ultimately won in 1938.


 I especially like the detail of the blue border running around the log.


I also liked that instead of just a plain flip side the log features a nice image of Queen Mary. Again it speaks to the importance Cunard Line felt towards having the fastest ship on the Atlantic.

Below is a newsreel from 1938 when Queen Mary took the Blue Riband back from the Normandie for the last time. She would hold the record from 1938 until 1952 when the SS United States claimed the record for the fastest crossing which she still has to date:

If you have about 15 min here is another clip that talks more about the competition between Normandie and Queen Mary:

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