RMS Queen Mary – John Skeaping

John Skeaping was a well-known artist in the 30s. He was quite successful and he was asked to create some of the artwork used in the Starboard Gallery on board the Queen Mary. Sadly that artwork was removed from the ship. In addition, Skeaping, worked with Wedgwood to design a series of animals sculpture in an Art Deco style. These sculptures decorated the suites on board the Queen Mary.


Here we have a sitting and standing duiker, a seal and a monkey. There are also a kangaroo, bison, polar bear, fallow deer, and several others. I have come to really love Skeaping’s sleek and styled design and enjoy collecting some of the sculptures from originals series that was produced by Wedgwood in the 20s and 30s.
I also enjoy discovering new historical photos of the suites accented by Skeaping’s statues. The aren’t very big, and they are simply designed, yet they add so much to the style and loveliness of the suites on board.
 Little touches like this are what made her, in my eyes, one of the greatest ships of all time.
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