In Memoriam

Many people are aware that Craig Anderson was recently killed in a tragic work accident. 2015 should have been one of the best of our lives as we welcomed a baby boy to our family and we had worked hard towards some wonderful goals (on this blog, with the Queen Mary collection, and in our personal lives), instead it ended in heart break for me and our son as the person we loved the most the world was taken away.


How does one move forward from this?  I’m not sure I know, except that in the weeks since his passing I’ve been trying my best to move forward and act as though Craig was my guiding force.


Craig taught me so much about interests and dreams. My dreams were fairly pedestrian until I met Craig. He was someone who lived dreams and who worked incredibly hard to bring his dreams to fruition. He was the hardest working person I’ve ever known and one of the most enthusiastic persons about his interests. He was always thinking of ways to bring his passions into reality and this little blog was one that he really enjoyed.


As I’ve thought about what to do with this blog and Craig’s collection I came to a realization. Queen Mary isn’t just Craig’s collection, it’s mine too. His dreams were not his alone, they became mine. In his memory I am going to continue with collecting and I am going to continue this blog. This blog will go on and probably change in some ways from what Craig envisioned, but I will keep it going for him. Because I love him with my whole heart and I love the life and dreams he has given me.

With love, Shara Anderson


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