RMS Queen Mary First Class Restaurant Chairs – Restored

Clearly it has taken a little time to come up out of the widow’s fog, but I want to start making more regular posts again.  I wanted to start off with the last project Craig was able to complete.  We have several more in the works, but those are still taking some time.

A while ago we got a couple of dining room chairs from the First Class Restaurant of Queen Mary. Somehow along the way, two chairs became a quest for six, and we wanted to get them restored in fabric that related to the original fabric used. This turned into one of our biggest projects, first searching out and finding enough chairs, and secondly finding just the right fabric to use. We got these finished just in time for Thanksgiving 2015.


Craig was so pleased with how they turned out and I love them. I love the blond sycamore wood and the fine styling of these chairs.


Can you imagine how grand the dinners were on board Queen Mary during her hey day? It would have been quite a show and delightful journey of taste and wonder for us today, and yet at the time, this was was expected as the norm for First Class dining in the 1930s – 1950s.


The First Class Restaurant is now called the Grand Salon and continues to be one of the most well used and loved rooms on board Queen Mary today.


One thought on “RMS Queen Mary First Class Restaurant Chairs – Restored

  1. So pleased to hear you’re actively continuing the project. I was always extremely envious every time Craig revealed the latest acquisition. The chairs look great. I look forward to future updates.

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