Updated Jan 2016

Craig Anderson passed away Nov 2015 in a tragic work accident. This blog has now passed into the hands of his widow, Shara Anderson.  I am going to carry on this blog and our collection in memory of my dear husband. Through him I have come to love the Queen Mary and collecting from her. While I may never become as good at it as Craig was I will always have an interest and enjoy discovering and finding new things from Queen Mary.

Here is my post about carrying on the the blog.

Craig Anderson

My love of ocean liners and transatlantic voyages began when I was 7 years old while watching The Unsinkable Molly Brown. The 1 min scene with Titanic changed my life. I still have the original VHS and that 1 min and 3 seconds can barely play anymore because I re-watched it so many times. From then on I scoured every book, documentary, video or photograph I could find of her.  Ken Marschall and Don Lynch were my heroes.

From there I learned about many other ships and became fascinated with passenger ships, especially Lusitania, Andrea Doria, Empress of Ireland and many others. I have a great love for many ocean liners, but Titanic and Queen Mary fuel my passion.

In 2006 I visited Queen Mary for the first time, but only for about half an hour.  In those few minutes I was intrigued and knew I had to go back.  I went again about a year later and stayed several nights there with my then girlfriend, now wife.  Some time during that visit Queen Mary got into my heart and now I can’t leave her alone.

I try to go back about once a year, but I wish I could be stay on board much, much longer. When I’m not on board I spend a lot of my time researching and reading about her, trying to discover new (to me) photos, and searching for fittings and furniture. I feel every piece has its own story and I love to imagine who has dined on one of the tables, used the same nightstands, sat in the same chair, etc.

My wife, Shara, takes care of most of the photography and editing for this site and many thanks to her.  I wouldn’t be able to put together this site without her.


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  1. I am so sad to hear of Craig’s passing, even though he did not know me personally (only via email), he spent a couple of weeks of his time in October last year researching the history of an Art Deco table I have, which was imprinted underneath, with the Cunard White Star Line markings. This was not only the kind actions of a true enthusiast , but of a thoroughly nice and decent guy who was more than happy to help a total stranger with his time and knowledge. I hope I am able live up to his example, Thank you!

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